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The first time I found a "lost" film.

It was at Narodni filmovy archiv in Prague in 2001. I had visited the archive to view title they had that my employer was interested in. However, my friend Joe Yranski said: "If you're headed for a foreign archive, why not ask if they have any Colleen Moore films. So many of hers are lost." At the time email wasn't really working. All my communications prior to my visit were with fax. My last fax was more than 2 months before my trip, and by the time I got to Prague I was so focused on my primary mission that I had forgotten about Colleen Moore. Here's the story, taken with permission from "Lost Forever" (2011), a documentary directed by Paul Mariano and Kurt Norton.

"Her Wild Oat" was preserved and restored by the Academy Film Archive. #nitratefilm

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